Collection: The Cuban Hispanic Kitchen Wood Frames


Our wood frames are crafted with care, its edges smoothed, exuding a rustic charm. Etched into the wood with precision are a series of vibrant and humorous Cuban sayings, adding a touch of lively flair to any kitchen space. Here's are some of our sayings:

  • "Cubans don't measure seasonings, We sprinkle and shake until the Spirit of our Ancestors whisper, YA CONO"
  • "But First, Un Cafecito"
  • "Barriga llena, Corazon contento" Full Belly, Full Heart. 
  • "En la cocina todo se arregla, menos la comida." (In the kitchen, everything can be fixed, except the food.)
  • "El que no tiene buen sazón, aunque coma pollo le sabe a cartón." (He who lacks good seasoning, even if he eats chicken, it tastes like cardboard.)
  • "El arroz con mango" (literally, "rice with mango") meaning a me or a complicated situation.
  • "La cocina es el corazón de la casa, pero también el estómago." (The kitchen is the heart of the house, but also the stomach.)
  • "Si no hay sofrito, no hay paladar." (If there's no sofrito, there's no palate.)
  • "El que no cocina, no lava platos." (He who doesn't cook, doesn't wash dishes.)
  • "El que mucho abarca, poco aprieta... ¡pero si es comida, agarra lo que quieras!" (He who stretches himself too thin achieves little... but if it's food, grab as much as you want!)

Each saying is accompanied by playful imagery, perhaps illustrations of traditional Cuban dishes or symbols, enhancing the frame's charm and character. Hung proudly in the kitchen, it not only adds a touch of cultural humor but also infuses the space with warmth and personality.